Our Industrial equipment covers a wide range of devices, from ...


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Industries Serviced

We offer a wide choice of Equipment and Supplies to perform electrical, mechanical, production, and service work to a wide range of industries.

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Industrial Equipment, Tools and Accessories

From mining and woodworking to electronics and manufacturing, AV Equities offers equipment and supplies to meet your business needs.

From popular economically priced tools, through industrial range, to our extensive range of heavy duty industrial tools, we have all bases covered.

Manual and power operated equipment

Our Industrial equipment covers a wide range of devices, from ball bearings and air tools to large bulldozers, cranes, cement mixers and backhoes with proven reliability. We also offer compressors, check valves, couplings, dollies and dust collectors. Basically, just about any type of device that is used in the industrial world and could be considered industrial equipment. This includes manual and power operated equipment.

Make Manual Labor faster and easier

While many pieces of industrial equipment such as ladders, power tools, hand tools, heaters, generators, and compressors can be used around your home, some devices are built to a much larger scale and are made specifically for use in industrial settings. Some of these articles include industrial heaters, carts, forklifts, vacuum cleaners, presses, boilers, ovens, furnaces and scales. However, no matter where you use them, the one thing that all articles of industrial equipment have in common is that they were built and designed to make manual labor become faster and easier.