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AVEQUITIES is a leading supplier of Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders & DVR Security Systems. We offer complete security solutions that are becoming an absolute necessity for every business and home today.

solutions to protect and grow your business.

AV EQUITIES can provide you the equipment necessary to design a customized solution that addresses the evolving security needs of your business in the most effective way possible. We’ll help you choose which of the following products and services can best serve your specific set of challenges.

Closed Circuit and Internet Monitoring.

When you install a video security surveillance camera system to your business or home you can be assured that you will not only feel safer, but you are safer. Companies and people install security camera systems for many different reasons. No matter what your reason, the one thing everyone can agree about is how good you feel knowing your property is protected and secure.

Monitor property and personnel.

You can install a security camera system to monitor the activities of your business or the activities and safety of your employees. You can even arrange for a motion detector to alert you via pager or e-mail when there is a disturbance at your home or business. Video security camera systems are easy to install, and guarantee added security and peace of mind.

surveillance SYSTEMS

Companies today are exposed to ever increasing security demands, and cannot take it for granted.

We provide a wide range of Security Monitoring Equipment to insure your safety and that of your employees.

  • Business
  • Property
  • Employee
  • Personal

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Benefits of Security from AV Equities

  • Intrusion Detection and Control
    • Burglar alarms help protect against unauthorized entry and robbery
    • Helps reduce insurance premiums.
  • Electronic Access Control
    • Helps protect valuable assets and sensitive areas
    • Helps restrict and manage business access
    • Increases employee safety
    • Eliminates costly re-keying and lock changes
  • Video Surveillance
    • Digital video surveillance helps deter shoplifting, vandalism, and employee theft
    • Security cameras and digital recording may reduce fraudulent liability claims and document incidents
    • Improves employee productivity and business efficiencies, increasing net profit